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55H+ Strong-Lightening fine glycerin
55H+ Strong-Lightening fine glycerin
Price : $15.99
Price(6-12) : $13.99
Price(12+) : $11.99
55H+ SERUM ECLAIRCISSANT - Lightening Serum - 1.66oz bottle
55H+ SERUM ECLAIRCISSANT - Lightening Serum - 1.66oz bottle
Price : $7.99
Price(6-12) : $7.50
Price(12+) : $7.00
55H+ Strong Bleaching EXTREME CREAM GEL - 1oz
55H+ Strong Bleaching EXTREME CREAM GEL - 1oz
Price : $7.99
Price(6-12) : $7.50
Price(12+) : $7.00
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Dark Spots

Suffer from Dark spots, wondering best options for your skin. Skin bleaching (also known as fade cream) is a process commonly used to lighten areas of your skin that contain dark spots and other scars that you may want to get rid of. If you have never tried any of the bleaching products on the market, you may be surprised at how natural they can appear. The hyperpigmentation that plagues many women of color can be difficult to deal with. This is why there are so many different products on the market.

Bleaching Products

Everyone's skin is different! What works on one person's Dark spots may not be as effective on another person's. For this reason, carries several lines of products, many with different ingredients and properties, designed for bleaching these over-pigmented areas of skin. The effect can be wonderful, but you've got to find the right product for you first.

Women Of Dark Skin Tone

Hyperpigmentation is of particular concern for women of color. While it can be caused by over-exposure to the sun, it's more often the result of hormonal shifts in the body. These can affect the skin dramatically, producing striking Dark spots, sometimes in a masklike pattern, on the face. For years, women of color have looked to solve this problem, which is why so many skin bleaching products have come onto the market.

Best Pricing

Bleaching products can be expensive, but we offer the best prices you'll find. Whether the issue is Dark spots, acne, or simply a desire to find just the right cosmetics for you, has you covered. Our prices are the best in the industry, and we offer such a wide range of products that you will certainly find what you need. Don't hesitate to compare us to any other site: we stand behind our pricing.

Product Safety

It's important to learn all you can about bleaching, because not all skin lightening processes are created equal. For years, women used hazardous substances like hydroquinone have been in use. While this may be effective on Dark spots, it is also a carcinogen, believed to contribute to cancer. Make sure you understand what your products contain, and use them wisely.

So you see, is the place to go for bleaching products. We carry the widest range, and we can help you figure out what to do about Dark spots. Our specially formulated products for women of color will have you feeling more confident and secure in no time. And our prices can't be beat.

Do you suffer from dark spots that leave you feeling self-conscious? You're not alone. Many women of color experience this phenomenon, known as hyperpigmentation. There are solutions, though, and you'll find the best of them at We offer a variety of skin bleaching products to safely treat the problem.

Uneven skin tones can make you feel less than your beautiful self. Here at, we want to offer you a way to get your confidence back. We provide the best in skin care and bleaching for women of color, all for the best price. Come see what we have to offer.

What Causes Dark Spots?

The most frequent cause of hyperpigmentation is hormones. These changes in body chemistry often result in imbalances of various sorts, including the types that cause dark spots. Pregnancy in particular can be a factor. Many women are concerned, however, about using harsh bleaching chemicals while they're expecting.

We offer a range of gentle, non-toxic solutions that will help with dark spots, whether they are hormonal in origin or the result of prolonged sun exposure. Not all products work for each and every skin type, so it's important to find the products that work for you. By providing an affordable place to obtain different skin bleaching products, we cater to the skin care needs of women of color.

Skin Bleaching Made Easy

Scientists have not, so far, been able to find a cure for hyperpigmentation. For years, women have been trying various methods of skin bleaching to rid themselves of dark spots. But some techniques have proven to be dangerous. The modern options we offer at, however, are safe and effective.

Check out the assortment of bleaching products we offer, and you'll find yourself saying goodbye to dark spots. Choose from products for various skin types to find the ones that will work for you. Night creams, day creams, make a choice based on your convenience. You'll find that is the place to go for specialized skin care for women of color.

Of all the organs in our body, the skin is the largest and the most visible. Yet it is amazing how human beings can take it for granted. Many of us assume that, regardless of its tone or imbalance, we are essentially “stuck” with what we are born with. Modern science has produced marvels in the health arena, including for the skin. Most people are aware of moisturizing and sun-blocking products. But also, know that obtaining an even tone can be as simple as logging online, and trying skin lightening cream, or bleaching.

Uneven pigmentation affects most people, regardless of a person’s skin color, ethnic background or environmental circumstances. The term skin bleaching unfortunately can conjure images of rubbing household oxidizing chlorine bleach onto the skin. In reality what is used is a safe cream or lotion. Blotches or uneven coloring of a person’s skin in certain areas can occur for a variety of reasons. Luckily there are products and procedures available today for a great even tone look.

Tapping Science for that Even Tone Appearance

Skin bleaching as a term really refers to skin whitening overall, which means cosmetic methods to lighten the color of the skin. Those seeking a more even tone may wish to address areas with blotches, unevenness, freckling, or grayness. Some may have a desire to lighten a shade or two for their entire body. Others, specific or very small bodily areas such as birthmarks or moles. There are a wide variety of skin lightening products and lightening creams available for just about any desire.

There is a science to lightening the skin, and it involves how much melanin your body produces. Skin bleaching treatments can employ a variety of tactics to control or limit that level of melanin production in your body, to achieve the desired skin tone. Many skin lightening treatments use a combination of gels or lotions with ingredients that both limit the body’s production of melanin while at the same time including use of sunscreen to prevent tanning. Obviously an even tone can be impacted by a person’s uneven exposure to the sun.

Bleaching for Women of Darker Skin Tones

Persons with darker skin tones face their own challenges when it comes to seeking an even tone look, addressing dark patches or repairing sun damage. Natural blemishes alone can be problematic and tough to smooth out with makeup alone. Women of color also contend with hormonal changes, such as around a pregnancy, which can cause noticeable dark spots. Because of health situations such as pregnancies, many women seek skin bleaching products that are without toxic chemicals.

So, where to start? One place is, which presents an assortment of brands of skin bleaching products, many especially for people of color. For beginners it may be worthwhile to test a product or two or three for effectiveness, because skin types and tendencies can differ so much. And, patience most definitely is a virtue. Always understand that achieving a long-lasting even tone most likely will not occur overnight. But once you start seeing results, the feeling is nearly indescribable. Remember, you don’t have to be “stuck” with the skin you are born with. You can adjust it with an appropriate skin bleaching product.

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